[eDebate] Baylor Graduate Assistantships...Not too late for Fall 07!

Matt Gerber matt_gerber27
Wed Apr 11 14:42:02 CDT 2007

It is not too late to apply for a graduate assistantship for the Fall of 
2007!!! You will need to take the GRE and get your transcripts in order, but 
it is not too late?

Baylor University is looking for students interested in pursuing a Master?s 
degree in communication studies who might also be interested in working with 
our debate program starting in the Fall of 2007.
The master's degree program in Communication Studies at Baylor allows 
students to emphasize rhetoric and argumentation, organizational 
communication, interpersonal communication, or telecommunication and new 
media technology. Our students have gone on to doctoral programs, consulting 
firms and other business opportunities, legal consulting firms and law 
schools, and all the major networks. Assistantships will also include a 
competitive stipend, and the cost of living in Waco, TX is very low.

The Glenn R. Capp Debate Forum at Baylor fields approximately 6-10 teams 
each year at all levels of experience. We travel extensively, attending 
tournaments at the regional and national level. We host a large college 
tournament, a high school tournament, a public debate series, and a summer 
debate workshop for high school students and teachers. We also participate 
in a federal GEAR UP grant program offering debate opportunities for at risk 
junior high school students in Waco.
If you are interested in teaching, coaching, and working with a program 
active at a variety of levels we would love to talk with you.

Some of our current students or recent alumni could also tell you about our 
program. They include: Jeff Roberts, Terri Easley, David Cisneros, Matt 
Brigham, Joseph Coppola, Kelly Skillin, Ryan Galloway, Kelly Dunbar, Matt 
Gerber, Toby Arquette, Christina Flora, Ron Stevenson, Chris Salinas, Bill 
Trapani, and Josh Zive. Please feel free to talk with them.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Matt Gerber
Asst. Professor
Director of Debate
Dept. of Communication
Baylor University
matt_gerber at baylor.edu

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