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Steinberg, David L dave
Thu Apr 12 09:52:30 CDT 2007

There has been some concern and discussion expressed by a few about the
election of the student representatives to CEDA for the coming year.
The faculty leadership of CEDA has considered this matter.  While I do
not wish to speak for anyone but myself, informed by advice and feedback
of those members of the EC participating in the discussion, I believe
that the election in Oklahoma was conducted in a conscientious manner
consistent with past elections, and that any deviation from existing
organizational structure at this point is not only unnecessary, but

CEDA students have elected their National Student Rep (Andy Montee) and
Student Topic Committee Rep (Candice Moore) through the publicly
announced meeting and established procedure, and they are lucky to have
EXCELLENT REPRESENTATION from two individuals who have consistently
demonstrated commitment to the organization and to our activity through
their unselfish work and involvement. 

It is undoubtedly unfortunate that weather and travel difficulties
prevented the participation of some who might have chosen to
participate.  Unfortunately, that has occurred in the past as well.  The
process certainly can and probably should be changed for the future, to
allow for such circumstance and more. 

I encourage those who feel strongly that the selection process should be
reformed to propose changes consistent with the CEDA constitution.
Students, as a committee of elected regional student reps have proceeded
through a selection process.   I would support their refinement of that
process by the student leadership, along with facilitation by the CEDA
faculty leadership as requested by the students. 

Please give Andy and Candice your complete support and confidence.  They
will continue what they have started; to work hard as your
representatives in an open process.

In addition, 15 years of involvement in CEDA governance has taught me
that everyone who offers their ideas and effort contributes to the work
of CEDA and to its decision-making.  You do not have to be the elected
one to have huge influence on the topic process or any other phase of
organizational work.  Blogs, websites, and webcasts add to face time and
listserves in the deliberation processes. 


So please support your leadership by offering your own participation!  


David L. Steinberg

CEDA President

P.O. Box 248127

Coral Gables, Florida   33124


305-284-5553 (office)

dave at miami.edu

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