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Julian Gagnon thejugular
Tue Apr 17 23:14:12 CDT 2007

fair enough- we thought it was b/c we already engage- may not be uniqueness
for das.  also runs the risk of bidirectional security guarantee to saudi
arabia if we attack iran aff.  but im a little surprised you couldnt find
someone to argue for economic assistance...seems like people would support
economic assistance for education to counter the whabbi influence on
schools, or to diversify the economy.  i just finished a book called
hatred's kingdom that might be an "advocate" for reforming the educational
institutions in saudi arabia.  just seemed like a big area that might be
worth considering.

let me also say that i think it would be a mistake to exclude iraq!  im
hesitant to believe that b/c it COULD BE an advantage, that it WILL BE an
advantage.  seems like the benefit of including a country that we are
CURRENTLY AT WAR WITH might outweight the da of limits to the econ
assistance portion of the topic.  i mean...seriously...we're gonna debate
the "middle east" (aka- Islam) without engaging engaging Iraq?!  what has
debate come to?  the constitutional amendment cp and supreme court
"political capital" da but not engage iraq?!  what are our priorities?


On 4/17/07, spmancuso at aol.com <spmancuso at aol.com> wrote:
> Julian,
> Mostly because we couldn't really find any affirmatives arguing for
> increasing engagement with the Saudi's, particularly economic assistance or
> security guarantees.  Our last SG for the Saudi's basically caused 9/11.
> Anyhow, I'm certainly not opposed to including them if someone finds some
> good affs - I just don't  think there is that much clamour for a tighter
> US-Saudi relationship.
> Steve
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