[eDebate] Debaters in Politics

Steven D'Amico stevendamico
Wed Apr 18 12:24:19 CDT 2007

Like... all of D7 (d7!!!)

Let's see Jake Weigler works for the Governor of Oregon
Pam Bowman works for a lobbying group to get rid of the school of the
Lupo (not d7--doesn't have the spirit) is working on the hill for Sen. Tim
Karl Rove (honorary D7 chair)
Mike Hall and Brett (Can you get me a ride of the express?)
Not to mention every debater who went onto the CSIS scholarship... I'll
spare you the list...
Um I think Shatskin from BC a few years back is doing something cool in FP
out in Cali....
Omri has some secret meeting with the PM of Israel every other week,
something about a blog?
SPowers does something that requires flying back and forth from LAX to DCA
often--he must be important.
Not to mention all the West Point Grads... but for example Alison Pan is
doing some super secret strategic planning thingamagig....Reid Sawyer a grad
from a ways back is one of the military's resident terrorism experts.
Jeff Pope is working for some Republican who also likes to only read one
sentence of evidence

I know I'm forgetting a bunch of folks--but you get the darn idea.

And you know what Andy? You voted for Wallace on theory agaisnt the K.
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