Nathan Sweed nathan.sweed
Thu Apr 19 12:01:29 CDT 2007

Some Suggestions:

1. Best Varsity Debater of the Year (please pick five and rank in order)?

Nathan Sweed
Nathan Sweed
Nathan Sweed
Nathan Sweed
Nathan Sweed

2. Best 2A of the year?

Nathan Sweed

3. Best 2N of the year?

Nathan Sweed

4. Best 1N of the year?

Nathan Sweed

5. Best 1A of the year?

Nathan Sweed

6. Speediest debater?

Nathan Sweed

7. Most comprehensible?

Jackie Massey

8. Best team against kritiks?

Team Nathan Sweed

9. Best team running kritiks?

Team Nathan Sweed

10. Best team on the Aff?

Team Nathan Sweed

11. Best team on the Neg?

Team Nathan Sweed

12. Best overall debate tournament excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?

The Nathan Sweed Classic

13. Best tournament hospitality excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?

The Nathan Sweed Open 5000

14. Tournament with the best awards excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?

Northwestern. I've got that 14th speaker award hanging over my bed.
How did you still manage to afford a bus service to drop me off a mile
from the building?

15. Best judge (please pick five and rank in order)?


16. Best first year judge (please pick three and rank in order)?

Baby Jesus

17. Best rising sophomore (will be sophomore in 07-08 season)?

Nathan Sweed

18. Best rising junior (will be junior in 07-08 season)?

Nathan Jr.

19. Prediction of who will be the best senior debater next year (will
be senior in 07-08 season)?

Nathan Sr.

20. Most improved debater?

Nathan Sweed

21. Most underrated team?

Apparently Marist

22. Best overall squad?

Squad Nathan Sweed

23. Funniest debater?

That's so totally subjective...

24. Squad you would most want to debate for, other than your own?

Harvard. 'Cause then I'd be going to Harvard. Sweet.

25. Best squad for Novices?

Squad Nathan Sweed

26. Most Gullible Debater?

Jimmy The Cock

27. Team (Team- Not School) with best Negative Flexibility (between
Kritik and Policy)?

But Ross Smith told me we were all policymakers...

28. Team (team - not school) that borrowed carts the most?

Hester took our cock once. That seems analogous. So West GA.

29. Best team (team - not school) to borrow carts from?

We didn't (not) take the pirates speaker award. That seems analogous.
So Redlands.

30. Squad with the highest quality evidence?

Squad Nathan Sweed

31. Team (team - not school) which consistently read the shortest evidence?

Fuck this question.

32. Best debater at Cross Examination?

Those judges that interject in the middle of cross-x and are like
"just answer the fucking question." They're awesome.

33. Team (team - not school) you were most uncomfortable debating?

Oklahoma CJ. Didn't want to ruin that whole "undefeated" thing.
Or Witchita CS after they told me I smell like bacon.

34. Best Squad at Returning Cite Requests?

Idaho State. Odekirk immediately told me where Jessica gets her horns.

35. Worst Squad at Returning Cite Requests?

Fullerton MM. I emailed them like 8 months ago and Luis still hasn't
provided proof of citizenship. We're not amigos anymore.

36. Best Dressed debater?

Dallas Perkins

37. Best tournament host hotel?

Stupid Question.

38. Which country should definitely be explicitly included in next
year's resolution beyond the United States, Iran, and Syria?

The People's Republic of Hunter Brooks.

39. Do you perceive a negative side bias in contemporary
intercollegiate debate?

I'll say no and probably win.

40. Do you believe that the topic committee should aim to craft
resolutions that would attempt to increase the Affirmative win

"AIM to craft?" "ATTEMPT to increase?" I'll take your strategic
wordchoice to mean that you don't give this so-called "committee" too
much credit.

-Ravenna Wilson***

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