[eDebate] MSU's newest coach...and saying godbye.

William J Repko repkowil
Thu Apr 19 20:15:34 CDT 2007

As many of you know, Josh Gonzalez will be leaving us for new (and less 
insane) opportunities. 

We'd like to thank Josh for all that he has been to our program. 

Josh is a fantastic debate dork -- truly Grade A. 

Think about it -- in the entire time you knew him wasn't he was always 
eagerly ready to discuss Heidegger or Genuine Consultation over a cigarette 

Whether completely exhausted or jacked-up on a strange combo of nicotine/V-8 
Splash, he was a hard-working critic that always gave you his best. 

An even better driver than Eber, we will quite literally be lost without 
Gonzo... here's hoping that GPS systems become mainstream on rental cars. 

.. Gonz is a fixture at the SDI -- we'd bet there are 50 people in this 
community that first met Josh while lost outside the Orange Room. we'd also 
bet he was helpful to each. 

Thanks Josh, for being who you are... 

If you'd like to thank him, he can be reached at gonza310 at msu.edu 

It's only fitting that Josh's position be handed-off to another kid straight 
out of the insane Dutch-reform town of Holland, Michigan (proud home of one 
of only two windmills ever allowed to leave the Netherlands). 

... Gabe Murillo will be joining our coaching staff this Fall. 

If you could see who Gabe has been for the last 5 years at the SDI, you 
would understand how excited we are to have him on-board. 

Patient, kind... you've met the guy... it's Gabe.. 

If you'd like to drop Gabe a congratulatory note, he can be reached at: 

gabejmurillo at yahoo.com 

Best of luck to you Josh... and welcome aboard Gabe... 

 Take it easy, 

  Dave, Greta, & Will 

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