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Sue Peterson bk2nocal
Tue Apr 24 11:47:14 CDT 2007

Big changes are afoot at Pepperdine for the coming year!

First of all, a big congratulations to Sarah Stone Watt, who has been hired
in a newly established tenure-track Director of Forensics position at
Pepperdine.  Sarah is busily finishing up her PhD at Penn State and will
return to sunny Southern California for the fall semester of this year.
Please help me in congratulating and welcoming her.  I think this position
is a great testament to the commitment that Pepperdine is making to

Second, I will be moving from Pepperdine to Chico.  I will always consider
myself a Wave, but am excited to be returning to my Alma Mater in Chico.  I
am also excited at the return of Chico debate after their year's hiatus.
Pepperdine has been wonderful to me and this was a difficult decision, but
Chico is kind of like going home for me, so it seemed a great opportunity
that I couldn't pass up.

Finally, Kylie Robertson, who has served as a wonderful co-director at
Pepperdine with me for the past three years, is moving onward and upward.
She will be pursuing her PhD at the University of Oklahoma starting in the
fall semester.  Congratulations to Kylie!  She will be a stellar professor
wherever she ends up.  I'm only sorry we couldn't keep her closer to the So
Cal area.

This means a few things - I will be handling the pre-tournament planning for
the Pepperdine College tournament during the summer months, but Sarah will
be the contact person once September rolls around.  In addition, Pepperdine
is looking for people who may be interested in filling mine and Kylie's
positions.  I can tell you that Pepperdine is a wonderful place to work.  We
have an amazingly supportive chair in the division and many faculty members
and administrators who are looking to help the program grow and succeed.  We
have a great base of returning policy and parliamentary debaters and a very
impressive recruiting class that includes policy debaters and individual
events competitors.  So, if you are looking for a position in the Southern
California area, I encourage you to contact me or Sarah (ses1001 at psu.edu)
for more information about the positions.  The administration would like to
fill these positions ASAP, so please don't delay if you're interested!

I wish everyone a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you all in the
Fall semester!

--Sue Peterson
Pepperdine Waves Speech and Debate
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