[eDebate] Topic Selection Committee Update - 04.24.07

Gordon Stables stables
Tue Apr 24 13:22:46 CDT 2007

This will update the community as to the current work of the topic 
selection committee. Let me first remind folks that we have many ways to 
have members of the community help with the topic process. We are very 
much seeking community input. To lend your voice you can:

1) Leave a comment on the blog - These comments are regularly read and 
it allows us to keep an organized collection of comments, suggestions, 
links, etc.

2) Volunteer to help with the committee groups - Four groups (listed 
below) are working on each element of the topic. We need more help with 
each area and we need volunteers to assist. There are committee members 
on each group and our emails are listed on the website 

3) Write a wording paper - We have invited any member of the community 
to submit a proposal calling for specific wording to be used on the 
upcoming ballot. Any complete papers that provide a germane option to 
the Constructive Engagement to the Middle East controversy need to be 
submitted by May 13th. Any such papers will be placed on the agenda by 
the committee and voted on during the summer meetings.

The full committee update follows at 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Gordon Stables
Chair - CEDA Topic Selection Committee

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