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Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Tue Apr 24 16:19:31 CDT 2007

The Arizona Debate Institute webpage has been fully updated for the
2006-2007 season.  The institute should again be high quality summer


*	Very cost-competitive; all evidence is available electronically
*	It features highly qualified staff (CEDA champion coach Greg
Achten, new addition Jason Russell, and all weight classes in between)
*	A long track record of success: Our alumni include NDT
champions, top speakers, and Copeland recipients.  Last year 6 of the
top 15 speakers at the NDT had been at the ADI the previous summer.
*	It uses an outstanding library (17th largest in the country)
*	It includes tons of practice and tournament rounds
*	It gives you a great jump on the topic (Dr. Dave's topic lecture
is unparalleld) 
*	It's lots of good fun (imagine Dr. Dave Hingstman rapping, which
really does happen at the closing lecture each year, and if you can't
have fun on Mill Ave. you either need to party a lot more or a lot


The website is: http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/adi.htm


Hope you can join us this summer!



Dr. Jon Bruschke, CSU Fullerton
jbruschke at fullerton.edu
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