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Wed Apr 25 12:00:41 CDT 2007

I'm reposting the ballot in case some interest debaters still wish to vote before the deadline. I'll take ballots until noon tomorrow (April 26).

I welcome you to the 2007 and Eighth Annual Debater's Choice Awards. The Debater's Choice Awards brings the power back to the people themselves - the debaters. Virtually every award in our activity is decided by someone other than a debater. The DCA lets debaters voice their opinions.

Yes, they're back. New and improved. Well, actually, mostly the same but the process for posting biographies will be rather different. After an email correspondence with Andy Timmons of Wayne State, I offered to run the DCA. I wish to thank personally Aaron Kall of Michigan for administering and tabulating the DCA for the past few years. He has declined to administer the DCA this year. I just want to thank him for his previous labor on this project.

Here's how it works. Only college debaters can fill out this form. To be eligible, you need to have attended at least one college CX debate tournament during the 2006-2007 season. Voters have until noon (central time) on APRIL 26, 2007 to submit a ballot to me. Please e-mail your ballot to me at debaterschoice.awards07 at gmail.com

I will remove the name and e-mail address from each ballot to ensure confidentiality when tabulating the results. Please only vote for one person/team/tournament per question except for questions 1, 15, and 16. Not everyone reads eDebate so please forward this message to your teammates and friends. Please encourage debaters you know to submit a ballot. I will submit the results of the survey as soon as I can tabulate them all, with the exception of the first question.

PLEASE NOTE: The process for the posting of biographies of the 10 best varsity debaters will change. Last year's process caused great uproar. I'm not willing to be responsible for posting public commentaries that could significantly offend members of our community. I will still post the list of top 10 varsity debaters in alphabetical order. Anyone interested in writing a bio of one of those debaters can email me. I will designate one person (or a coalition of people) with the task of writing the bio of each debater in the top ten. The writers will have ten days to compose the bio's and then the posting will begin. Those bio's can and will be posted to eDebate without my involvement or editing. I encourage positive and humorous bio's but the bio writers will need to prepare to accept responsibility for bio that she/he posts to eDebate.


Chris Burk
University of Texas at Dallas
Debater's Choice Awards 2007

DCA 2006-2007 Ballot

1. Best Varsity Debater of the Year (please pick FIVE and rank in order)?

2. Best 2A of the year?

3. Best 2N of the year?

4. Best 1N of the year?

5. Best 1A of the year?

6. Speediest debater?

7. Most comprehensible?

8. Best team against kritiks?

9. Best team running kritiks?

10. Best team on the Aff?

11. Best team on the Neg?

12. Best overall debate tournament excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?

13. Best tournament hospitality excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?

14. Tournament with the best awards excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals?

15. Best judge (please pick five and rank in order)?

16. Best first year judge (please pick three and rank in order)?

17. Best rising sophomore (will be sophomore in 07-08 season)?

18. Best rising junior (will be junior in 07-08 season)?

19. Best senior (or 5th year senior) debater next year?

20. Most improved debater?

21. Most underrated team?

22. Best overall squad?

23. Funniest debater?

24. Squad you would most want to debate for, other than your own?

25. Best squad for Novices?

26. Most Gullible Debater?

27. Team (Team - Not School) with best Negative Flexibility (between Kritik and Policy)?

28. Team (team - not school) that borrowed carts the most?

29. Best team (team - not school) to borrow carts from?

30. Squad with the highest quality evidence?

31. Team (team - not school) which consistently read the shortest evidence?

32. Best debater at Cross Examination?

33. Team (team - not school) you were most uncomfortable debating?

34. Best Squad at Returning Cite Requests?

35. Worst Squad at Returning Cite Requests?

36. Best Dressed debater?

37. Best tournament host hotel?

38. Beyond the United States, Iran, and Syria, which country should definitely be explicitly included in next year's resolution ?

39. Do you perceive a negative side bias in contemporary intercollegiate debate?

40. Do you believe that the topic committee should aim to craft resolutions that would attempt to increase the Affirmative win percentage?

Please return completed ballots to Chris Burk at debaterschoice.awards07 at gmail.com by Noon (central time) on April 26, 2007.

Christopher Burk
Director of Debate
University of Texas at Dallas

Christopher Burk
Director of Debate
University of Texas at Dallas

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