[eDebate] Wiki Update

William J Repko repkowil
Thu Apr 26 16:34:13 CDT 2007

1. attached is a revised list -- it is revised in two ways: 

a) it has more terms/concepts than before
b) it indicates which terms have already been "reserved". 

If you are interested in the project, read through and drop me line 
volunteering to take one of slots that no one has "called dibbs" on. Even 
volunteering to do 3 terms (after finals and after the TOC) makes a 

2. Several backchannels about "how to post" 

a) For wave # 1 only, please submit the entry to me via email (in Word).
b) After the initial wave of materials is up, we will honor requests for 
editing privileges, etc.
c) If your submission includes evidence (cards) those can be sent us or A. 
Barnes. Cards = good. 

3. What an entry might look like: 

 a) brief explanation/background info
 b) an additional explanation of the various ways the term or item gets 
*deployed* in debate rounds. For instance, "Zizek" gets deployed in multiple 
ways. "Intrinsciness perms" pretty much get deployed in one way.
 c) Args in favor of one (including cards or bibliography if applicable)
 d) Args in favor of the other side (dittto). 

4. Special thanks: 

Not to be the cheesey guy, but when you look through this list and see the 
contributions that Kuswa HAS ALREADY FINISHED you will be blown away. 
Seriously, I could go on thanking -- but just skim through the thing. 
Kuswa's contribution is just sick.. and much appreciated. 

Much thanks to a few programs that have gone nuts supporting this out of the 
gate -- MWU, NWU, Wake, Wayne, and Whitman have been huge. 

too many folks to thank... 

...keep the contributions coming. 


  Logan Echolls 

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