[eDebate] Potential Michigan Coaching Position **

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Thu Apr 26 21:01:15 CDT 2007


Michigan usually hires one coach who specializes in working on writing and
answering performance/critical arguments. Figured I would alert any
interested people to this being a possibility.

Advantages of the job:

-- No degree required
-- Dont have to live in Ann Arbor (in fact its probably better if you dont -
we will get you to tournaments)
-- Can generally hire yourself out to other schools for judging (not
districts or the NDT - yes, we fly you, house you, feed you and you can
still make money selling your judging skills)
-- Work with a nationally competitive team that travels to all the major
-- Access to constant updates on the health and wellness of Aaron Kall and
Whit Whitmore's dogs (Chloe and Ivory)
-- Potential lucrative summer employment to supplement the somewhart meagre
starting salary

Disadvantages of the job:

-- Access to constant updates on the health and wellness of Aaron and Whit's
dogs....and being exposed to my sad sense of humor.


-- Reliability
-- Expertise in contemporary critical argumentation

Feel free to contact me at this address,

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