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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Wed Apr 4 16:13:21 CDT 2007

And of course, because I am not always all there - I missed a team
member...sorry Alex (Alex Pasquinelli),


On 4/4/07, Josh Hoe <jbhdb8 at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Congrats Aimee and Julie....I did tell you at the very beginning of the
> year I thought you would have a monster year but wowowowowowowow!  Awesome
> job, massive congrats, and enjoy a well deserved summer of recouperation!
> Congrats to the whole Emory crew.
> 2. Stefan, what an amazing job you did hosting the NDT.  I can not imagine
> turning the challenges you faced from the start into such an amazing
> success.  You are one of the best and brightest.  Thanks so much for making
> everything from food, to snacks, to wireless such a big part of your days.
> 3. Greg Rosenbaum....Thanks for your continuing committment to making the
> end of our debate year special.  Your continuing efforts to support the
> National Debate Tournament are amazing and I, for one, want you to know how
> much we appreciate it!
> 4. OU - wow guys, an amazing run....you should be really proud of what you
> accomplished - just a few great coaches and a few committed debaters can
> still win national championships.  Boomer Sooner!  Congrats to all of you!
> Welcome to the Oklahoma wing of the CEDA champs club!
> 5. Georgia - You two worked so amazingly hard this year - congrats on the
> Copeland! Congrats on all the well-deserved success! And good luck in
> whatever you go on to attempt.  I still cannot believe "pastry-boy" from
> my novice lab at UNT won the Copeland :).  Congrats to your whole squad and
> amazing coaching staff on an amazing year!
> 6. UMKC - Malgor and Amy - what a great job this year.  As a former Roo
> (assitant coach 1991/1992) who got his coaching start from Linda I could not
> have been happier for the program or for you two.  Again proves a few
> committed people can do amazing things in life.
> 7.  Wayne State - Back to Back semis appearances....awesome...and you all
> were one of the nicest teams on the circuit this year as well.  Happy for
> you all!
> 8. The tab room - thanks for doing a job nobody wants to do so well.  The
> tournament ran very well.  Thanks for all the hard work.
> 9. My team and coaches - thanks to Dylan, Adam, Erika, Edmund, Jeremy,
> Laura, Athena, Brandi, Daniel, et al for making this such a fun year.
> Thanks to Aaron, Whit, Christine, and Scotty for all the hard work and good
> times.
> Have a great end of the year everyone!
> Josh
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