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Omri Ceren ceren
Wed Apr 4 16:14:56 CDT 2007


Surely you should be leading this effort, what with all of the 
topic-specific research that I'm sure you did this year. And with all 
the high-tech policy rounds that you judged and scouted.


On 4/4/2007 9:55 AM Andy Ellis wrote:
> So after a year of hearing debates about how the law is not only a good 
> means of pursuing racial justice in education, but the best method, i 
> have a challenge to offer. Use the skills that you have acquired in 
> debating about the law to craft a strategy that uses the law to increase 
> meaningful minority participation in the community. The NCAA has been 
> sued for admissions requirements that preference test scores and gpa, if 
> there is precedent in that or other cases there should be a case to sue 
> your university or your debate team or ceda or the ndt, if they have 
> those standards. But dont let my suggestions limit you, many many many 
> of you have researched and learned a whole lot about using the law to 
> fight for racial justice in education, you im sure can come up with 
> something on your own.
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