[eDebate] Challenge to the Community

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Apr 4 17:00:17 CDT 2007

Uh right, i will continue to do the work outside of the legal structure and
in it when necessary to increase minority access to and completion of
college. I dont doubt the  efficacy of my methods, and sure i didnt see the
same debates you saw but my term heard and i saw many teams adamently
defending the necessity of using the law to challenege racial discrimination
and i am simply asking those that made the claims to follow up on them.

Furthermore i understand debaters cant sue for other peoples inclusion(in a
basic sense of the term i think there could be a claimant who suggested that
they where damaged by the lack of minority inclusion in the community, but
im probably wrong like you said im not in the highly technical debates) but
there are legal cases and movements that debaters can contribute their
skills and dedication to and furthermore if through those super high end
debates you saw provide the training they promise then it seems as if you
can figure out how to uses cases on your campus as entree points to legal
justice movements.

or maybe all those things i heard in debates where just lies and nods to
racial inclusion?

On 4/4/07, Omri Ceren <ceren at usc.edu> wrote:
> Andy,
> Surely you should be leading this effort, what with all of the
> topic-specific research that I'm sure you did this year. And with all
> the high-tech policy rounds that you judged and scouted.
> Omri.
> On 4/4/2007 9:55 AM Andy Ellis wrote:
> > So after a year of hearing debates about how the law is not only a good
> > means of pursuing racial justice in education, but the best method, i
> > have a challenge to offer. Use the skills that you have acquired in
> > debating about the law to craft a strategy that uses the law to increase
> > meaningful minority participation in the community. The NCAA has been
> > sued for admissions requirements that preference test scores and gpa, if
> > there is precedent in that or other cases there should be a case to sue
> > your university or your debate team or ceda or the ndt, if they have
> > those standards. But dont let my suggestions limit you, many many many
> > of you have researched and learned a whole lot about using the law to
> > fight for racial justice in education, you im sure can come up with
> > something on your own.
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