[eDebate] hilarity ensues

Omri Ceren ceren
Fri Apr 6 17:18:24 CDT 2007

Oh please. Those are the best examples of extremism you could find on my 
blog (which, by the way, you very rudely did not link back to - 
http://www.mererehetoric.com for those looking)

What about these ones? I've:

(1) referred to the American Jews who vote Democrat as "fucking
retarded" - http://www.mererhetoric.com/archives/11273199.html

(2) requested a "trident missile and a compass" to deal with Iraqi
insurgents - http://www.mererhetoric.com/archives/000859.html

(3) referred to the UN as "insipid anti-Western pipsqueeks" -

(4) accused Jimmy Carter of "going to bat for a Nazi" (which is true,
incidentally) - http://www.mererhetoric.com/archives/11273183.html

I don't think that the issue at hand is moderation. I think it's smarts.

I do like how - in a conversation about whether ideological stringency 
deadens the ability to detect nuance - you compare the actions of the 
Democratic House Speaker to three meaningless Republican backbenchers. 
In structured policy debate, that's what we call a "link".


On 4/6/2007 2:10 PM matt stannard wrote:
> "Oh hell, things have been really funny on edebate lately?"
> "Funny?  How is that possible?"
> "Well, a couple of people have put their feet so far down their
> throat they will probably get athlete's uvula."
> "Who?  Who?"
> "Well, for starters, Omri Ceren called out Andy Ellis for
> being...wait for it... an extremist."
> "Omri?  Wait...doesn't that dude advocate retaliatory killings?
> Hasn't he called the Democratic Party 'structurally anti-semitic?'
> Called the 'Democratic base...anti-Jewish?'"
> "Yeah.  Real moderate, eh?  The voice of reason."
> "...and I just looked at Omri's ridiculous blog.  Did you know he
> echoed the Bush administration's condemnation of Nancy Pelosi for
> visiting Syria, even though a bunch of Republicans also visited Syria
> around the same time?  Do you think Omri mentioned that fact in his
> blog?"
> "Of course not."
> "Right.  I get confused sometimes.  I thought debate was supposed to
> increase critical thinking skills."
> "Yeah, sigh, it does for most people, but apparently not for wannabee
> IDF soldiers."
> "Hahaha, like Omri could ever lift a heavy firearm.  Who else is
> involved in this hatefest?"
> "Mike Korcok, of course."
> "Wait...let me think...I kind of remember that guy.  Mullet, right?"
> "When he had hair."
> "What did he say?"
> "This was the best.  He accused Andy of sitting in an 'ivory tower'
> and ignoring projects like the Urban Debate League."
> "Yeah, and people have pointed that out, but my money is on Korcok
> either (a) not apologizing for his ignorance, (b) making some excuse
> questioning Andy's authenticity anyway, or (c) both."
> "Maybe Korcok and Omri should go join the French Foreign Legion
> together.  But hey, wait, do I have to agree with Andy's initial
> remarks in order to laugh at these two douchebags?"
> "Of course not.  Andy raised some important issues, and it's
> reasonable that people will disagree on how to move forward in our
> community.  The permutation is net beneficial: participate in a
> dialogue about increasing access in debate AND laugh at reactionary
> douchebags."
> "I'd vote for that!" 
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