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My mistake, i had recorded dates wrong...now ill show up both places on time

On 4/11/07, John Katsulas <katsulas at bc.edu> wrote:
> American Debate Association
> April 11, 2007
> Dear Colleague:
> The annual May business meeting of the American Debate Association will be
> held on Friday, May 18th in Fredericksburg, Virginia and hosted by our
> Treasurer, Timothy O'Donnell of Mary Washington.
> Items on the agenda for this year's meeting the selection of a 2008 host
> for the ADA National Tournament, and proposals for changes to the Standing
> rules and/or the Constitution.  There are no elections scheduled this year.
> According to the ADA Constitution, all proposed changes to the Standing
> Rules or the Constitution must be received by the ADA President no later
> than two weeks prior to the date of annual business meeting.  Therefore, I
> would request that you send me electronic copy of any changes to the Rules
> or Constitution by Friday, May 4th.   Please e-mail your proposals to me at
> katsulas at bc.edu   Motions received after the deadline may be considered
> only by a suspension of the rules.  I will distribute copies of the
> proposals to the membership as quickly as possible.
> Please make your own hotel arrangements by calling the WysteStone Suits at
> 540-891-1112 or 1-800-794-5005.  The block of rooms is under UMW Debate Team
> until April 25, 2007 at a rate of $85.00 plus tax.
> If you have any problems, ask for booking agent, Dorrie Chason.  PLEASE
> MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS PROMPTLY.  April 25th is a firm cutoff date.
> In addition to the meeting, we will offer a golf outing on Thursday, May
> 17th and dinner at the Olde Town Steak and Seafood Restaurant, which I
> highly recommend, especially if you like prime rib.  Please notify Tim
> O'Donnell if you are interested in playing golf and/or eating dinner on
> Thursday evening at Olde Town.  Contact Tim at todonnel at umw.edu.
> If anyone has questions or concerns, please give me a call at 617-552-4298
> (office) or 978-766-5329 (cell).
> I hope to see everyone at the meeting!
> John Katsulas
> ADA President
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