[eDebate] Debate in VEGAS--UNLV tournament dates

Frappier, Glen frappier
Thu Apr 12 12:49:03 CDT 2007

Jake,  We'll be there with at least 3 teams. We still need to attend
Kentucky but we'll be splitting the squad that weekend, but we'll still
be represented. In case you're soliciting outside feedback...I would
prefer the Weber RR  NOT occur prior to Vegas, although others might





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The Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum at the University of Nevada Las Vegas
is happy to announce that we will be hosting our annual tournament on
October 6, 7, and 8, 2007.


There is the POSSIBILITY that Weber State University's Val Browning
Round Robin will be moved to Las Vegas for a round robin tournament
October 3 and 4... This is not a certainty and we are in the process of
discussing with the Weber folks whether or not it can be accomplished
this year, and if so how the invitation structure would work (more on
this topic in a later post).


 Reasons to attend:


1) It's VEGAS!  

2) CHEAP flights into Vegas

3) Tournament hospitality will be obscene/outrageous/unprecedented

4) Wireless access on campus and in the hotel

5) LOW entry fees

6) Awesome trophies--a la Vegas (I'm thinking engraved poker chip sets
for the finalists)

7) Comps for every team attending the tournament (T-shirts, other
goodies, MEALS, and snacks)

8) It's VEGAS!


Everyone always talks about how important it is to support new debate
programs.  So, walk the walk, and come have a REALLY GOOD time with us
in Las Vegas.


Jake Thompson




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