[eDebate] DCA awards question to the community

J T jtedebate
Sun Apr 15 10:17:30 CDT 2007

there is certainly nothing wrong per se with the DCA bios inherently...Self policing should be the norm...these bios can be alot of fun as long as a few idiots don't use them for petty and degrading jabs...it's simple:  don't be an idiot

Andrew Joseph Timmons <aq2530 at wayne.edu> wrote:  After back channeling relevant members of the community it appears that, as of now, there will be no DCA (debaters choice awards) this year. 

Given last years events it is understandable why these members have decided to not conduct them this year. 

Does the community feel that these awards should be scrapped entirely? This may sound weird coming from someone from Wayne State, but does the failure of certain parts of the DCA process mean we must withdraw from the whole system?

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