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Omri Ceren ceren
Mon Apr 16 19:41:53 CDT 2007

Opps - the HTML got garbled on the last response. I'd just let it go, 
but you're clearly not too good with the interwebs and - since you made 
the effort to go out and try to find my blog - the least I could do was 
dumb my response down to point and click.

Thanks again for taking the time,


No, obviously not. The author of this blog is very clearly identified as 
Steve Decatur. And were I someone of your political and ideological 
inclination, I'd be wary of mocking him too much. He's an Arab Christian 
who has *suffered* and *been victiminzed* by radical fundamentalists 
during childhood, and thus questioning the moral authority that comes 
from his *personal experience* is certainly not for you to do. But I'm 
nonetheless flattered that you went out looking for what I have to say. 
And even though you apparently found the clearly marked "About Me" 
section of this particular webpage to be inscrutable, I think everyone 
will join me in applauding you for making the effort (baby steps, Andy, 
baby steps).

Again, my blog is http://www.mererhetoric.com . If you're looking for 
some reading from the last week or so, may I suggest selections from the 
following categories?

Global anti-Semitism:
Aussie Film Says Jews Are "Pigs", Tells Kids To Become Martyrs... Gets 
PG Rating <http://www.mererhetoric.com/archives/11273537.html>
Anti-Semitic Muslim Atrocities Began Long Before Anti-Zionism Was 
Invented As An Excuse <http://www.mererhetoric.com/archives/11273502.html>

The spread of militant Islam:
Hey Gals, Check This Out - Fatwa Issued Against Female Pakistani 
Minister For Hugging A Man 
British Civil Liberties Double Plus Ungood. Militant Islam Taking Over 
Anyway: "We Have To Rule The Kaffir". [Videos] 

The Saudi Initiative:
Chomsky Declares Saudi Initiative Truly Awesome. Neglects To Mention 
"Mandatory Israeli Suicide" Clause. 
Muslim Brotherhood Mocks People Who Think That the "Right of Return" Is 
A "Two State Solution" <http://www.mererhetoric.com/archives/11273523.html>

The Palestinian government:
MR Prediction: Olmert Doesn't Have The Political Capital To Meet Hamas's 
Terms, Pull Off The Shalit Deal 
Hamas Terrorists Not Violating Ceasefire Through Clever Trick Of Arming 
Other Palestinian Terrorists 
Hamas Getting Ready To Start Another War 

Just for fun:
Screw Rachel Corrie <http://www.mererhetoric.com/archives/11273459.html>
Israeli Hottie Wednesdays - Yael Goldman. Elegant. 

Much thanks,

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