[eDebate] saudi arabia

Julian Gagnon thejugular
Tue Apr 17 23:41:49 CDT 2007

not sure that i agree that "every iran and syria aff will have iraq
advantages" (but i guess we can assume that miami will).  nor am i convinced
that "the key to solving iraq" is engaging iran and syria.  were there other
recommendations made by the Iraq Study Group (yes, i too havent read this)?
but come on, the aff can't even topically do the iraq study group report!

seems like "you might be a prisoner of the Bush administration's framework"
since you think that iran and syria are the only reasons there is no
solution (like iran fuels the terrorism in iraq- thus we should invade
them).  again, i just think it would be a shame to debate engaging islam
without DIRECTLY engaging iraq.

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