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Julian Gagnon wrote:not sure that i agree that "every iran and syria aff will have iraq
advantages" (but i guess we can assume that miami will).  nor am i convinced
that "the key to solving iraq" is engaging iran and syria.  were there other
recommendations made by the Iraq Study Group (yes, i too havent read this)?
but come on, the aff can't even topically do the iraq study group report!

seems like "you might be a prisoner of the Bush administration's framework"
since you think that iran and syria are the only reasons there is no
solution (like iran fuels the terrorism in iraq- thus we should invade
them).  again, i just think it would be a shame to debate engaging islam
without DIRECTLY engaging iraq.

The major finding of the ISG is that we need a regional diplomatic effort to increase cooperation from all regional and international players to promote Iraq stability and economic and political integration. Certainly the report suggests that there are more players involved than just Syria and Iran, but they are the critical players that both this report and a wide range of experts of all political and ideological orientation point towards. The ISG and these other sources all suggest that building cooperative relations with these nations is an absolute precondition to any of the other ISG recommendations about helping to rebuild the Iraqi infrastructure (all of this is argued in Part II of the report). And it simply isn't "Bush administration framework" logic, especially since the administration rejected engagement with Syria and Iran. While one reason to engage Iran and Syria has to do with stopping tech and economic assistance to terrorist and insurgency groups, another significant element is to gain in essence regional security guarantees from these two nations and economic and political support for an independent Iraq. Even if these nations do not directly support terrorist networks, they do control key borders where such assistance does enter Iraq and have substantial influence to politically isolate insurgency groups.The problem with directly engaging Iraq is that it very poorly fits within the broader framing of the resolution. Additional economic assistance or security guarantees to Iraq either make little contextual sense, are fairly non-unique except for complete military withdrawal and would be insolvent without first increasing diplomatic and economic engagement with Syria, Iran and addressing broader Middle East regional security issues.Kelly
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