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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Apr 18 14:08:16 CDT 2007

In a world without the framework debate. Violence.Nah! Seemed like a totaly
viable way to solve your aff...I dont know what all that mumbo jumbo was
about violence predating the sovereign, or why it really mattered that a set
of violent extremists have taken over the representation of islam....man you
used the state...

PS No offense meant at all to JR or the clarion folks...

On 4/18/07, Brett Wallace <brettawallace at gmail.com> wrote:
> andy writes..
> >yeah cause the alt was like...give the world a puppy dog...no no i dont
> even
> >think it was that specific...Violence.NO!...but its a good thing alt was
> >weak, cause there was no way he was winning any other part of that
> >debate,,,way behind on the tech and the Line by line WAAAAAAAy behind...
> haha um,  usually you're behind on the rest of the debate when dont adress
> it in the 2ar/ when its an abusive framework
> and give jr a break - that was his fifth 1ar all year.
> he went to 2 tournaments before the ndt, and managed to give a 1ar good
> enough to get 2 ballots off kansas in the octs of the ndt.
> he deserves more credit than being criticized on edebate
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