[eDebate] Debaters who became policy makers

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Apr 18 23:48:53 CDT 2007

who are the disestablishmentarians

shouldnt antidisestablishmentarians work outside of institutions to
understand them better...oh yes but outside of rounds...right...

On 4/18/07, helwich at macalester.edu <helwich at macalester.edu> wrote:
> Ross may be a bit surprised, but I tend to agree with him on this question.
> Most of the agency concerns that Andy identifies are solved by switching
> sides. Compelling one side to defend 'USFG' means the other side gets all
> other competitive options, which can include individual action, mass
> mobilization, non-action, etc. The old-fashioned "Movements DA' allows a
> negative team to do so without falling afoul of the fiat police.
> Likewise, a person can enjoy policy debate and still direct their political
> activities outside of official institutional channels. I have still not
> heard a compelling reason why it is bad for disestablishmentarians to work
> to understand how institutions work.
> best,
> dch

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