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Allow me to offer a quick adendum to this request, I am talking about your TOTAL school enrollment, not just the debate team.  How many TOTAL under-graduate students were there at your school the first year your qualified for the NDT and the last time.  I am getting replies providing alumni lists, which is quite interesting and for many reasons quite useful, but not for this particular project.

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     We need your help in accumulating statistics for a new addition to the
NDT History book.  We need enrollment data for schools having qualified for
the NDT over the past 61 years?  Precisely, the FIRST year your school
qualified and the LAST?  For many the last would be just over the past few
years, the first could be as far back as 1947.  Only UNDER-GRADUATE
enrollments please.  Having searched virtually every website and book to
find such data, but no luck. Frankly I am surprised there is no central
depository for these type of statistics. We started with our Registrar's
Office and obviously they were helpful with the most recent enrollments, but
had to go the Alumni relations for the 1950 levels.  I realize this is a
demanding request, but I think you can see how interesting such comparative
statistics might be.  In any case, it would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Southworth 

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