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Actually, we should congratulate Jeremy. IT sounds like he has managed to find a permutation of Policy Debate that might get students involved in debate - not everyone likes Policy. And colleges can offer Parli, NFA-LD, and IE in addition to NEDA, NDT, and CEDA - it sounds like Jeremy has managed to cross-breed NFL Public Forum with Policy (at least the arguments.) It might be strange form of debate, but it gets kids out of the dorms, and gets them involved - I think the wake of the tragedy of VA Tech, we should be celebrating things that gets students to open up, get involved and connect with others. What Jeremy did wouldn't appeal to me, but it obivously appeals to some, and say that's good!!:)
  I make no judgements on the education value of the activity - I do know that when you speak to your company's board, you don't do it at NDT speed - but I think NDT/CEDA teaches valuable skills in organization, research, strategic thinking etc - that is why I'll always love it.

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