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Fri Apr 27 13:26:30 CDT 2007

But that's kind of Neil's (and Danielle's and Doug's) point.  This is an
opt-in survey that demonstrates the prevailing mood of the cross-section of
our community who actively cares about student selected, largely national
circuit awards.  Given that these voters, if not a majority, are at least
the "squeaky wheels" of the community, the fact that these trends develop is
unsettling and worth noting.

And the answer is no.  The DCAs turn into a controversy every year for a
very good reason, because the lack of formality to the discussion
unwittingly provides insight into the unconscious problems of the community.


I agree with Neil on a lot of stuff but this is kind of silly. This is a
poor model taken by an opt-in survey of debaters. It gives little accurate
information about gender preference in judges. If we want to talk about elim

judging etc, fine, but this is just a couple of debaters.

Can we just have one year where DCAs don't turn into a controversy.
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