Joe Patrice joepatrice
Fri Apr 27 15:19:25 CDT 2007

I actually just wrote a backchannel that I think should illuminate my
feelings here so I'm adapting it into a post.

The DCAs are totally meant for fun and are great for giving the student
community a sense of ownership in the process of honoring their colleagues.
Yes they are bound to cause these controversies.  But actually I think it is
great that the DCAs cause all these problems.  We shouldn't run from
something because it unintentionally exposes problems in the community -- we
should be happy we can see the problems rather than keep them obscured!  I
think the DCAs do a better job than "prefs" in some ways because
underrepresentation in something like prefs can be so easily explained away
with abstract algorithms (whether it should be or not is a discussion for
another time), but this kind of shows that well-intentioned acts can reflect
patterns of exclusion...and that's good to foreground and recognize.  People
should confront that exclusion is not just caused by total dicks, but by
good people acting unintentionally.

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