Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Apr 27 15:33:21 CDT 2007


you seem to be answering the argument neil is relativly exlplicitly
opting out of making...and if im not mistaken at least neil pots such
things with frequency....is ur suggestion that the dca be free from
that relativly frequent and varied observation

On 4/27/07, Joe Patrice <joepatrice at gmail.com> wrote:
> But that's kind of Neil's (and Danielle's and Doug's) point.  This is an
> opt-in survey that demonstrates the prevailing mood of the cross-section of
> our community who actively cares about student selected, largely national
> circuit awards.  Given that these voters, if not a majority, are at least
> the "squeaky wheels" of the community, the fact that these trends develop is
> unsettling and worth noting.
> And the answer is no.  The DCAs turn into a controversy every year for a
> very good reason, because the lack of formality to the discussion
> unwittingly provides insight into the unconscious problems of the community.
> Joe
> I agree with Neil on a lot of stuff but this is kind of silly. This is a
> poor model taken by an opt-in survey of debaters. It gives little accurate
> information about gender preference in judges. If we want to talk about elim
> judging etc, fine, but this is just a couple of debaters.
> Can we just have one year where DCAs don't turn into a controversy.

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