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Yes, I am (and was) aware that Mr. Jennings is a Mr.  In a group (national circuit debaters) that is about 20% male, there is less than a 3% chance (actually 2.72%) that having 3 women on a list of 4 people would occur randomly.

My remark was intended to be a mild tweak.  My respect for the accomplishments and general good sense of Mr. Marks notwithstanding, the reaction to that tweak is more telling than the survey result that prompted me to post in the first place.  Methinks some of you gentlemen doth protest too much.--Neil
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  I don't think it's sexist to think Kathryn is gullible, but it might be slightly sexist to think Andrew Jennings is female just because he's so pretty.

  Sexism in debate is a problem, yes. But can we please avoid giving ammunition to those who complain about liberal over-reaction and simplification?


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    It would be tempting to point out that the students in our community (as represented in the DCA voting) think the top 10 critics in the country are all men (as well as the top 3 new critics), but that's been done before.  More interesting to me is to learn that male debaters are funny and female debaters are gullible (questions 23 and 26).  

    Something to ponder...
    --Neil Berch
    West Virginia University
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      Subject: [eDebate] DEBATERS CHOICE AWARDS 2007 -- RESULTS

      The Debater's Choice Awards brings the power back to the people themselves - the debaters. Virtually every award in our activity is decided by someone other than a debater. The DCA lets debaters voice their opinions.

      Here's how it works. Only college debaters can fill out this form. To be eligible, you need to have attended at least one college CX debate tournament during the 2006-2007 season. Voters have until noon (central time) on APRIL 26, 2007 to submit a ballot to me. Please e-mail your ballot to me at debaterschoice.awards07 at gmail.com<http://gmail.com/> 

      I will remove the name and e-mail address from each ballot to ensure confidentiality when tabulating the results. Please only vote for one person/team/tournament per question except for questions 1, 15, and 16. Not everyone reads eDebate so please forward this message to your teammates and friends. Please encourage debaters you know to submit a ballot. I will submit the results of the survey as soon as I can tabulate them all, with the exception of the first question.

      PLEASE NOTE: The process for the posting of biographies of the 10 best varsity debaters will change. Last year's process caused great uproar. I'm not willing to be responsible for posting public commentaries that could significantly offend members of our community. I will still post the list of top 10 varsity debaters in alphabetical order. Anyone interested in writing a bio of one of those debaters can email me. I will designate one person (or a coalition of people) with the task of writing the bio of each debater in the top ten. The writers will have ten days to compose the bio's and then the posting will begin. Those bio's can and will be posted to eDebate without my involvement or editing. I encourage positive and humorous bio's but the bio writers will need to prepare to accept responsibility for bio that she/he posts to eDebate.



      73 Ballots Counted (some did not have votes in every category)

      I've ranked the top three in each category and occasionally more when the voting was close. 


      1. Best Varsity Debater of the Year (please pick FIVE and rank in order)? 
        (5 pts for each first place vote, 4 pts. for each second place vote, etc.)

      THE TOP TEN - Alphabetical Order
       Kathryn Clark, Dartmouth
       Conor Cleary, Oklahoma
       Brent Culpepper, Georgia 
       Malcolm Gordon, Missouri - Kansas City 
       Alex Iftimie, Southern California 
       Andrew Jennings, Kansas 
       Blake Johnson, Oklahoma
       Gabe Murillo, Wayne State 
       Kevin Rabinowitz, Georgia 
       Jessica Yeats, Idaho State 

      Also receiving votes:
       Eli Anders, Harvard
       Michael Burshteyn, California - Berkeley 
       Brett Bricker, Kansas
       Pooja Chopra, California State - Fullerton
       Aimi Hamraie, Emory
       Julie Hoehn, Emory 
       Dylan Keenan, Michigan 
       Dan Luxemburg, Harvard 
       Luis Magallon, California State - Fullerton
       Brenda Montes, California State - Fullerton 
       Jason Murray, Harvard
       Kade Olsen, Dartmouth
       Martin Osborn, Missouri State 
       Josh Pang, California State - Fullerton
       Parija Patel, California State - Fullerton
       Ross Richendrfer, Whitman 
       Matt Schissler, Whitman 
       Rachel Schy, Redlands
       Reid Shannon, California - Berkeley 
       Sara Stephens, Texas - Dallas 
       Chris Thiele, Texas - Austin 
       Brett Wallace, George Washington

      2. Best 2A of the year? 
       1. Kathryn Clark, Dartmouth, 33 votes
       2. Blake Johnson, Oklahoma, 13 votes
       3. Julie Hoehn, Emory, 7 votes 

      3. Best 2N of the year? 
       1. Gabe Murillo, Wayne State, 23 votes
       2. Conor Cleary, Oklahoma, 16 votes
       3. Jessica Yeats, Idaho State, 7 votes
       4. (tie) Malcolm Gordon, Missouri - Kansas City, 6 votes 
       4. (tie) Kevin Rabinowitz, Georgia, 6 votes

      4. Best 1N of the year? 
       1. Blake Johnson, Oklahoma, 15 votes
       2. Kathryn Clark, Dartmouth, 14 votes
       3. Brent Culpepper, Georgia, 12 votes
       4. Andrew Jennings, Kansas, 10 votes

      5. Best 1A of the year?  
       1. Kevin Rabinowitz, Georgia, 19 votes
       2. Conor Cleary, Oklahoma, 13 votes
       3. Aimi Hamraie, Emory, 8 votes

      6. Speediest debater? 
       1. Brent Culpepper, Georgia, 7 votes
       2. Kevin Rabinowitz, Georgia, 6 votes
       3. (tie) Gabe Murillo, Wayne State, 4 votes
       3. (tie) Brenda Montes, California State - Fullerton, 4 votes
       3. (tie) Kathryn Clark, Dartmouth, 4 votes
       3. (tie) Malcolm Gordon, Missouri - Kansas City, 4 votes
       3. (tie) Julie Hoehn, Emory, 4 votes

      7. Most comprehensible? 
       1. (tie) Blake Johnson, Oklahoma, 12 votes
       1. (tie) Gabe Murillo, Wayne State, 12 votes
       3. Kathryn Clark, Dartmouth, 8 votes

      8. Best team against kritiks? 
       1. Emory HH, 13 votes
       2. Kansas BJ, 8 votes
       3. Dartmouth CO, 7 votes

      9. Best team running kritiks? 
       1. Oklahoma CJ, 39 votes
       2. Wayne State MT, 17 votes
       3. Idaho State MY, 5 votes 

      10. Best team on the Aff? 
       1. Dartmouth CO, 30 votes
       2. Oklahoma CJ, 9 votes
       3. Emory HH, 8 votes

      11. Best team on the Neg? 
       1. Georgia CR, 27 votes
       2. Oklahoma CJ, 15 votes
       3. Wayne State MT, 8 votes 

      12. Best overall debate tournament excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals? 
       1. Wake Forest, 22 votes
       2. Harvard, 11 votes
       3. Texas - Dallas, 10 votes
       4. Northwestern, 9 votes

      13. Best tournament hospitality excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals? 
       1. Texas - Dallas, 18 votes
       2. Wake Forest, 11 votes
       3. Harvard, 7 votes
       4. (tie) Gonzaga, 6 votes
       4. (tie) West Georgia, 6 votes 

      14. Tournament with the best awards excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals? 
       1. West Georgia, 13 votes
       2. Texas - Dallas, 9 votes
       3. Gonzaga, 6 votes
       4. (tie) Wake Forest, 5 votes
       4. (tie) Northwest CEDA Champs, 5 votes
       4. (tie) Kentucky, 5 votes 

      15. Best judge (please pick five and rank in order)? 
       1. David Heidt, Emory, 102 points
       2. Will Repko, Michigan State, 79 points
       3. Ken Strange, Dartmouth, 57 points
       4. Ed Lee, Emory, 46 points
       5. Aaron Hardy, Whitman, 36 points 
       6. Jonah Feldman, Texas - Austin, 27 points 
       7. Scott Harris, Kansas, 26 points 
       8. Calum Matheson, North Texas, 25 points 
       9. Gordon Stables, Southern California, 22 points 
       10. Jason Russell, Oklahoma, 21 points 

      16. Best first year judge (please pick three and rank in order)? 
      (each first place vote earned 3 pts., each second place vote earned 2 pts., etc.)
       1. Michael Klinger, Harvard, 81 points 
       2. Josh Branson, Northwestern, 36 points 
       3. Brad Hall, Wake Forest, 32 points 

      17. Best rising sophomore (will be sophomore in 07-08 season)? 
       1. Jacob Pollin, California - Berkeley, 14 votes
       2. Brian Rubaie, Texas -Dallas, 9 votes
       3. Meggie Mapes, Missouri State, 7 votes
       4. (tie) Nate Cohn, Whitman, 6 votes 
       4. (tie) Will Sears, Wake Forest, 6 votes 

      18. Best rising junior (will be junior in 07-08 season)? 
       1. Josh Warden, Northwestern, 15 votes
       2. (tie) Zach Brown, Northwestern, 9 votes
       2. (tie) Tripp Rebrovick, Harvard, 9 votes 
       4. Nick Miller, Emory, 5 votes 

      19. Best senior (or 5th year senior) debater next year? 
       1. Brett Bricker, Kansas, 18 votes
       2. Andrew Jennings, Kansas, 13 votes
       3. Julie Hoehn, Emory, 10 votes 
       4. Michael Burshteyn, California - Berkeley, 6 votes
       5. Jason Murray, Harvard, 5 votes 

      20. Most improved debater? 
       1. Andy Timmons, Wayne State, 14 votes
       2. Brett Bricker, Kansas, 10 votes 
       3. Kade Olsen, Dartmouth, 7 votes 

      21. Most underrated team? 
       1. Emory HH, 11 votes
       2. Missouri - Kansas City FG, 10 votes
       3. Whitman RS, 7 votes
       4. Dartmouth HK, 5 votes 

      22. Best overall squad? 
       1. Harvard, 31 votes
       2. Emory, 15 votes
       3. Dartmouth, 7 votes 
       4. Whitman, 5 votes 

      23. Funniest debater? 
       1. Gabe Murillo, Wayne State, 17 votes
       2. Andrew Jennings, Kansas, 11
       3. Malcolm Gordon, Missouri - Kansas City, 9 votes 
       4. Martin Osborn, Missouri State, 5 votes
       5. Andy Timmons, Wayne State, 4 votes

      24. Squad you would most want to debate for, other than your own? 
       1. Dartmouth, 19 votes
       2. Harvard, 7 votes
       3. Kansas, 6 votes 

      25. Best squad for Novices? 
       1. Liberty, 12 votes
       2. Oklahoma, 8 votes
       3. (tie) Vermont, 6 votes
       4. (tie) Wake Forest, 6 votes
       5. Rochester, 5 votes 

      26. Most Gullible Debater? 
       1. Kathryn Clark, Dartmouth, 10 votes 
       2. Megan Hughes, Whitman, 5 votes 
       3. (tie) Debbie Lai, Michigan State, 4 votes 
       3. (tie) Andrew Jennings, Kansas, 4 votes 

      27. Team (Team - Not School) with best Negative Flexibility (between Kritik and Policy)? 
       1. Dartmouth CO, 18 votes 
       2. Georgia CR, 13 votes 
       3. Whitman MM, 7 votes 

      28. Team (team - not school) that borrowed carts the most? 
       1. Dartmouth CO, 12 votes 
       2. Emory HH, 6 votes 
       3. (tie) Dartmouth AB, 3 votes 
       3. (tie) Texas TW, 3 votes 

      29. Best team (team - not school) to borrow carts from? 
      (note: most ballots did not indicate a specific team, so votes shifted to entire squads instead) 
       1. Whitman, 7 votes
       2. Emory, 6 votes 
       3. Texas - Dallas, 5 votes 

      30. Squad with the highest quality evidence? 
       1. Dartmouth, 16 votes 
       2. (tie) Whitman, 6 votes 
       3. (tie) Northwestern, 6 votes 

      31. Team (team - not school) which consistently read the shortest evidence? 
      (note: most ballots did not indicate a specific team, so votes shifted to entire squads instead)
       1. Michigan State, 17 votes 
       2. Kansas, 10 votes
       3. Emory, 7 votes 
       4. Georgia, 5 votes 

      32. Best debater at Cross Examination? 
       1. Blake Johnson, Oklahoma, 23 votes
       2. Malcolm Gordon, Missouri - Kansas City, 8 votes 
       3. Gabe Murillo, Wayne State, 5 votes 
       4. Jessica Yeats, Idaho State, 4 votes 

      33. Team (team - not school) you were most uncomfortable debating? 
       1. California State - Fullerton MM, 17 votes 
       2. Georgia CR, 8 votes 
       3. (tie) Bard SW, 5 votes 
       3. (tie) Oklahoma CJ, 5 votes 

      34. Best Squad at Returning Cite Requests? 
       1. Whitman, 13 votes 
       2. Dartmouth, 8 votes 
       3. Georgia, 6 votes
       4. Wake Forest, 5 votes 

      35. Worst Squad at Returning Cite Requests? 
       1. Bard, 6 votes
       2. (tie) Emory, 5 votes
       2. (tie) California State - Fullerton, 5 votes 
       2. (tie) Georgia, 5 votes 
       5. Northwestern, 4 votes 

      36. Best Dressed debater? 
       1. Alex Iftimie, Southern California, 22 votes 
       2. Andrew Jennings, Kansas, 8 votes (something about a "dragon shirt" was repeatedly mentioned in the ballots)
       3. Andy Timmons, Wayne State, 5 votes 
       4. (tie) Brent Culpepper, Georgia, 4 votes 
       5. (tie) Jessica Yeats, Idaho State, 4 votes 

      37. Best tournament host hotel? 
       1. Westin Park Central (NDT + UTD), 36 votes
       2. Southern California, 4 votes 
       3. (tie) California - Berkeley, 3 votes 
       3. (tie) Northwestern, 3 votes
       3. (tie) California State - Fullerton, 3 votes 

      38. Beyond the United States, Iran, and Syria, which country should definitely be explicitly included in next year's resolution? 
       1. (tie) Iraq, 10 votes
       2. (tie) Israel, 10 votes
       3. Lebanon, 8 votes 
       4. Palestine, 6 votes 

      39. Do you perceive a negative side bias in contemporary intercollegiate debate? 
       YES, 45 votes
       NO, 21 votes

      40. Do you believe that the topic committee should aim to craft resolutions that would attempt to increase the Affirmative win percentage? 
       NO, 37 votes 
       YES, 28 votes 

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      Director of Debate
      University of Texas at Dallas
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