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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Wed Aug 1 13:32:04 CDT 2007

The Greenwald screech of far-left pain is just great entertainment.  That twist went all-in long ago on the Liberation of Iraq was horror and death and evil.  He even wrote a book or two about it.  The worst thing that could happen to his universe is the United States succeeding in Iraq.  So when an op-ed from Brookings explains that things are actually going well, that the Iraqi people have actually been liberated and that they might have a worthwhile future, that Bush and Rumsfeld,  the Ultimate Evils, were right and that Greenwald was a stupid putz, well THAT CANNOT BE!!!  So instead of actually answering the editorial, he attacks the authors, and reads a shitload of cards that prove the authors have been optimistic about the effort all along.  That's pretty much it except for a bunch of disdainful adjectives... that O'Hanlon and Pollack have generally approved of the war.  No answers to their arguments at all... just... they haven't agreed with me...  30 cards of they haven't agreed with me...  Fun to read as an extended and dramatic screech of pain, but cognitively vacuous.  And you seem to approve of it.  huh.
The Bard post was much more nuanced, complex, fresh, and interesting.  And you didn't have to feel guilt or shame for enjoying it.  Even if it didn't lockstep to your cadence.  Different tastes, I suppose.
Michael Korcok
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