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Alfred Snider alfred.snider
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Students get to pick the electives they really want, and the winners are offered.

Wish you were here!



ELECTIVE PREFERENCE FORM.  THIS DOES NOT LOCK YOU IN TO ATTENDING SPECIFIC ELECTIVE?WE just want to get an idea what should be offered.  Rank your preferences 1 (best) through your least preferred.


Because everyone needs one.

______THE 1AR
The best speech in debate. Some helpful tips on technique and strategy for the 1AR.
______Setting traps - Link screens, turn baiting, and using theory to force opponent's hand.

______Advanced kritik debate on the line-by-line - strategies for the block and 2nr, as well as Aff strats for answering generic kritiks.

______Advanced flowing techniques - This is for people who like to flow with pen and paper.  We'll discuss how to not make a mess of your flow and your judge's flow.  We'll also talk about techniques for the 1AR, saving paper, and the role of overviews in debates.

 _____Permutations--mash it up and mix it up- combining advocacy's and how to justify or defeat them theoretically- come check this out if you keep losing because your permutation is not whole plan inclusive or because you fail to nail them when they abuse you- this is a block party.

_______How to be a top speaker --Frustrated that you are not always the top speaker?  Its not because everyone hates you, its because you haven't checked out this elective- being top speaker is about more than just speaking- come find out all the things you should be doing to improve your speaking.
________ADVANCED CP THEORY :  This lecture will cover Actor CPs, International CPs, consult CPs, and object of the resolution CPs.  Learn how to justify, defeat, and offensively utilize the trickiest tricks of the trade.  No stone will be left unturned as you will walk away with in-depth theory arguments that can be compiled into strategic blocks, and a better understanding of how to win debates with cheating counter-plans.
_______EFFECTIVE CROSS-EXAMINATION :    Learn to practice advanced techniques in cross-examination. A good cross-examination is usually the difference in a close round, and often later in earning good speaker points and good seeding or advancing. Cross-examination is the most under-examined and easy to improve art of debate.
________THE 2AR 
The 2AR is the most fun speech in debate. The 2AR requires skills and techniques which are easy and fun to develop. This lecture will often hints on prep time, strategic vision, and effective presentation of entire arguments.
Self-explanatory...no not really...so, come and learn how to run a counterplan as your alternative to e critique position.
What is it and how to deploy it.
 ________Answering Disadvantages Effectively:  This lecture will cover how to answer disadvantages effectively, the different types of arguments you can/should make against them, as well as some strategic options for how to deploy what you learn in your rounds.

______Debate Lingo...All you would ever want and need to know:  This lecture will cover the various forms of debate lingo you will come across, how its used as well as how to use it.

______Elective  - psychology of winning

______Elective  - The small things that count.  All the small things you can do to be competitive in debate.

______Elective  - Removing the quotes from "Kritik"  - A discussion of how to make "critical" arguments that evade the effectiveness of miscategorization. 

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