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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Wed Aug 1 21:00:56 CDT 2007

puppets rule!
yah, Greenwald is pissed that people are billing them as harsh critics of how Bush has handled the war.  That's what his screech is about.
It seems to me pretty clear that Greenwald needs them to be wrong, dishonest, puppets, shills for Bush, propagandists, and NOT TO BE BELIEVED!!!  Because if they are right, or even worse in his view, BELIEVED, that the United States is succeeding in Iraq, then Greenwald is finished.  The Gods help any democratic analyst working for any moderate left think-tank who dares to claim that the United States is succeeding.  The ire of a thousand zealots who are completely invested in American failure will surely descend upon them and before they know it, they will be painted as Ku Klux Klan functionaries secretly on the payroll of the Heritage Foundation's Big Oil Group.  I rarely agree with Tucker Carlson but even he pointed out that Grewer or Grunfel or Greenwald or whatever didn't even attempt responding to the actual arguments made by O'Hanlon and Pollack.
and WOOHOO!!!!  Doyle!  here, this video kicks ass!!!  http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/
part 1 is a bunch of atheist crap that thinking atheists immediately spit on as inimical to atheism.  it is unattributed, recycled bullshit from some random named Acharya S even though it doesn't credit her.
part 2 is a mishmash of 9/11 conspiracy theories that no one with a smidgen of critical thinking skills would give credence to.
part 3 is old old Federal Reserve controls the world as an instrument of something or other for okay i stopped watching during part 3 because i had no more tears left so i don;t know what part 3 really is
Michael Korcok
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