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Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Aug 5 21:43:20 CDT 2007

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To the CEDA/NDT Debate Community:

On behalf of the Cross-Examination Debate Association I would like to invite interested parties, individuals, and Colleges and Universities to submit a bid to host the 2009 CEDA National Tournament.  Below is a list of what should be included in your bid.  Priority will be given to bids submitted to me no later than November 1st, 2007.  I would like to be able to announce potential sites at the NCA CEDA Business Meeting in Chicago in November 2007, and have the host determined by CEDA Nationals at Wichita State in March 2008.  Incomplete bids are acceptable on the Nov. 1st deadline.

A completed bid should include:

1.	Proposed dates for the National Tournament.  For many of you, your campus spring break will determine your availability.  Preference will be given to bids that do not overlap other Policy National Tournaments.  The first 2 weekends in March tend to be reserved for the JV National Tournaments and the ADA National Tournament.  The 2nd full week of April is reserved for the Phi Rho Pi National Tournament.  Those submitting bids should be aware of those conflicts and try to schedule in mid to late March.  If you have flexible dates please include all possible scenarios.  Be sure to include both the dates and days to serve as a double check.  The tournament will typically follow the following pattern with some potential changes:
Day 1*Meetings, Registration and Opening Ceremonies
Day 2*Competition Rounds 1-4 
Day 3*Competition Rounds 5-8
Day 4*Competition Elims 1-2 or 1-3 and Awards Assembly
Day 5*Competition Elims through Finals  

Please note that extra space will be needed for Day 1 Meetings, Registration, and Opening Ceremonies (Can occur at host hotel if space is available) and Day 4 Awards Assembly (Ideally in a campus performance center).  The space for both of these time slots needs to accommodate 500+ people.  The bid should also include the capacity of the rooms dedicated to elims.  There should also be a room large enough to hold the CEDA Business Meeting, typically on the morning of Day 4.

2.	The bid should include the number of classrooms that have been dedicated to the National Tournament.  They should be within walking distance of each other and within walking distance of the tab room and central tournament administration.  A bid that can provide upwards of 125 classrooms will be preferred.  The bid should include a space for tournament administration with separate rooms for the computer and tournament administration, ballot checking, etc.

3.	The bid should include dining options on and around the campus.  If on-campus dining is available during the tournament, it would be ideal to include such a commitment from the appropriate people on your campus, as many dining options on campuses will close during breaks and weekends.  A list of close off-campus options for dining should be included.

4.	The bid should include a host hotel with ample guest rooms to house a tournament of 200 teams, coaches, and judges.  The hotel bid should include:
A.	Number of guest rooms with a breakdown of Doubles, Kings, smoking and non-smoking.
B.	The host hotel should guarantee a rate that is affordable and available for the duration of the tournament, including a day prior to majority arrival.  The rate should be listed included with the bid.
C.	What meeting space is available and at what cost if any.
D.	Number of Suites available for tab room personnel and the comp ratio.
E.	A catering menu with costs for the opening registration.
F.	Hours of operation for any hotel restaurants and lounges.
G.	Availability of internet access at the hotel and any costs associated with it.
H.	Name of the contact person at the host hotel.  
I.	A list of overflow hotels and secured rates at those hotels.

The tournament site committee, overseen by myself, may want to have the opportunity to meet with the hotel staff possibly during a site visit and work on the hotel contract prior to it being signed.  The above information will be very valuable to the decision making.

5.	The bid should include a list of amenities you and the host school will provide.  This list is not exhaustive nor is everything on the list required. These are some things to consider however and ask your administration for if you would like to:
A.	Number of students or workers to help with ballot running, copying, etc.  Will they be debaters or from a class?
B.	Copy Machine(s).  This is required.  A high output machine for pairing distribution that can be housed where central administration is becomes a necessity.  Having 2 copy machines for the Final Round would be ideal as well but not required.  Copy paper and supplies to make folders for ballots is also a necessity.
C.	Walkie-Talkies.  These are a necessity for ballot runners and tournament staff to be able to communicate with one another.
D.	Internet Connectivity on campus.  If provided, how will it be accessed?
E.	Breakfast Items.  Bids that can reduce the cost to the organization by providing breakfast (donuts, bagels, fruit, coffee, juice) will be preferred.
F.	Other amenities.  While certainly not necessary, if your University wants to kick in any extra amenities, pick up or defray costs, etc. it is certainly welcome.  OU went above and beyond the call by providing timers, t-shirts, and paying for the trophies.  While this is not necessary it may be a selling point to your administration to let them know you are competing for the National Tournament and asking them to match or do better than previous hosts.  Administrators often are competitive themselves.
G.	Ability to web cast elim rounds, especially the Final Round.  If you have someone on your campus who can do this, please have them commit to the project and include their contact information in the bid.

6.	Airport and Shuttle Service: The bid should include all relevant airport information.   Include the airport(s) people should fly into.  It would be helpful to include current and spring rates from both coasts and the Midwest.  While it would not prevent you from being the host, I will lean strongly towards bids where the host is in a city with a major airport.  If the host site and hotel is not in a city with a major airport, you should include shuttle services you can provide to and from the airport.  Shuttle service available between the hotel and host site should also be included in the bid.  If you can secure shuttle rates from a major provider at the airport, please include that as well.

7.	If all of this seems too daunting of a task, do not let it prevent you from submitting a bid if you are interested.  I have worked on many bid proposals, dealt with many hotel contracts, and have hosted the largest intercollegiate debate and forensics tournament in the country.  I will be glad to assist you if you are interested.  I want to provide one of the best CEDA tournament experiences ever!

Darren Elliott
CEDA 1st Vice-President
Director of Debate and Forensics
Kansas City Kansas Community College

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