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Subject: good debate coaching position

Hello everyone,

The former debate coach at Law Magnet High School in Dallas (Don Gonzalez) has been made the principal of the school and so can no longer serve as the coach there.  He is trying hard to find a quality coach for his growing program who will continue building on what he has started.  He has asked me to get the word out to find somebody who might be interested.  I love this program.  The kids I know from Law Magnet are smart, hard-working, dedicated, and just all around nice kids.  I've been super impressed every time I've judged them.  Plus, since the former debate coach is the school's principal, I would imagine that the new coach would get lots of support.  This is one of those coaching jobs that really shouldn't be passed up at a school where you can really make a difference.  Please get the word out to anybody that you know who might be looking to coach.  Since it is so late in the summer, it will probably be difficult finding somebody who still is looking for a full-time coaching position.  But, it really is a great and talented team that deserves a strong coach.


This is what Don Gonzalez says about the Law Magnet program:

We have a small team (by design) of about 20 dedicated LD and Policy Debaters, almost all who have gone to debate camp this summer.  The team has had success in the very competitive Dallas debate circuit.  The program has been well funded and as the principal I plan to continue that pattern.  Recently, we have had students capable of competing at the national level. 
We are an inner city school and most of my students come from low income families.  Debate has played a key role in these students getting into some of the finest schools in the country.  Last year's graduating seniors have gone on to Georgetown, the University of Chicago and Smith College to name a few.   
Dallas ISD pays a competitive salary and the stipends are generous (comparatively speaking).  I need someone who is a certified teacher or can be certified.  The position requires a background in social studies (government, economics, history, sociology or political science).  Can you help me by getting the word out and perhaps recommending someone?  I am not interested in just hiring anyone to just have a coach; I want someone who has the drive to keep the program going in the direction it is on. 

Don A. Gonzalez
Law Magnet High School
817.223.6451 (m)
don.gonzalez at gmail.com 
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