[eDebate] question for Korcok

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Tue Aug 7 11:24:19 CDT 2007

Obviously i disagree with many of your opinions.  That is not the point.  My 
schedule is entirely too hectic with the new season (of Madden) starting.  
More important than that, i have a big lunch meeting today (Gates).

If you are merely using an add-and-subtract method of bodies to determine 
the benefits of invasion, does that mean that totalitarian regimes are ok as 
long as they don't kill people?  It just seems that quality of life should 
also be a consideration, especially since one of the rationales for invasion 
was development of capitalist economy and democracy.

Now, I think it goes without saying that you support democracy, capitalism, 
apple pie, and baseball.  And if you don't, you might as well join Culp's 
anti-american hippie movement (note:  i love andy culp and his dumb hippie 
movement).  But it seems that you would let those things go if I could prove 
statistically that more people would stay alive under a dictatorship as 
opposed to a democracy.  Please tell me that I'm wrong, and include random 
ad hom attacks and other fat jokes.


Now you can see trouble?before he arrives 

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