[eDebate] Mike: The Iraq Debate is just stupid

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Aug 8 08:35:33 CDT 2007

Korcock, you and other's discussions of "body counts"-on either
side--exemplifies the worst that debate training does to people's thinking.

Of all people, Camille Paglia put this issue of withdrawing U.S. troops in a
perfect nutshell, even for a conservative:

"Meanwhile, the war drags on in Iraq, where the worthless Baghdad government has
fled the blistering summer heat while American soldiers, laden with their battle
gear, suffer and die. When will this fruitless exercise in nation building end?
No one will ever resolve the eternal hatreds and ethnic rivalries of the Middle
East, which have been churning and festering for 5,000 years. The extremist
Muslim drama is only half the story.

As I replied to a Salon reader in my last column, yes, if the United States
makes a strategic retreat from Iraq, we may well be returning in a decade or
two, this time with regional allies. But things will be vastly different: no
more happy facade of pacification and reconstruction; no more corrupt
protectionism of commercial contractors; no more costly police or military
training of volatile, faithless local recruits; no more intrusive neighborhood
patrols with our soldiers blown to smithereens by cheap booby traps. It will be
real war, heavily applied by air force, with maximum damage inflicted at minimal
cost to our troops.

The thick-headed Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld triad may have grotesquely bungled the
Iraq incursion, but Republicans (barring a breakaway third party) will still
comfortably retake the White House next year if my fellow Democrats don't get
their act together on the cardinal issue of geopolitics. Terrorism isn't going
to go away if and when we withdraw from Iraq. We need to recalibrate our global
strategy and more intelligently address the fractured, dispersed nature of
jihadism, which is germinating everywhere from Indonesia and the Philippines to
the Western world. Throwing billions into the desert morass of Iraq isn't
getting us anywhere -- especially with our porous domestic security and our
alarmingly decaying infrastructure needing urgent remediation. "

Why waste time trying to justify a war that has now morphed into a waste of time
and young American lives. (Yes-there is ethnocentrism in that statement, but the
Iraqi government does not care about tis own people, they went on vaction this
week, didn't they.).


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