[eDebate] Policy debate in the movies

Christy Webster christy.webster
Thu Aug 9 14:03:49 CDT 2007

I wanted to inform debate people who aren't already aware about a
movie coming out tomorrow in theaters that centers around policy
debate. I work in the legal department at New Line Cinema in New York
City and we are a releasing a movie entitled Rocket Science through
our independent film company Picturehouse. Directed and written by a
former debater, Rocket Science tells the story of a young boy with a
stuttering problem who joins his high school policy debate team. The
movie was an award winner at Sundance and has received some great buzz
and reviews thus far. In the "great" tradition of such debate movies
as Thumbsucker and Listen to Me, I am sure that Rocket Science will
add some great flavor to the catalogue of debate movies.

Christy Webster
Army Debate

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