[eDebate] WDC tournament results and thanks

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Tue Aug 14 16:46:33 CDT 2007

1. Jake Gartman, Binghamton
2. Mike Bausch, Wyoming
3. Ben Crossan, Binghamton
4. Chris "Indiana" Kozak, Marist
5. Tony Johnson, Wyoming
6. Jamie Piechura, Wyoming
7. Kelly Nickel, Wyoming
8. Guy Risko, Pittsburgh
9. Tansy Woan, Binghamton
10. Margeaux Lippmann, Marist
Teams with winning records:
Tied for first: Tony Johnson/Mike Bausch and Jamie Piechura/Kelly Nickel, Wyoming, 5-1
3. Tansy Woan/Ben Crossan, Binghamton, 4-2
4. Margeaux Lippmann/Chris Kozak, Marist, 4-2
5. Guy Risko/John Karlovic, Pittsburgh, 4-2
6. Grae Harper/Isaac McBride, Wyoming, 4-2
7. Travis Beach/Kristen Brown, Wyoming, 4-2
8. Sara Banducci/Jeff Kurr, Pittsburgh, 4-2
Thanks to the students from Southwestern, Kansas State, Marist, Pittsburgh, Binghamton, Western Illinois, Illinois State, Western Connecticut, and Wyoming for their hard work.  Thanks to John Rief, Eric Maag, Jimbo Maritato, Andy Ellis, Chris Crowe, Matt Plush, Seth Ellsworth, Jeremy Weaver, Brian DeLong, and Jason Nichols for coaching and judging.  
We'll have the argument list ready after I take a two-day nap.
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