[eDebate] Results of the ADA Mail Ballot

Hall, Michael P. Debate mphall
Tue Aug 21 15:24:58 CDT 2007

All proposals on the ADA mail ballot passed.  You can find a copy of the
current ADA rules at www.liberty.edu/debate.
Following are the detailed results for each proposal:
Proposal 1:  "Constraints on the Affirmative" - Eliminates "that is a
policy option."
Yea:  7, Nay: 4
Proposal 2:  "Critiques" - Eliminates "initiate a," "policy" and, "The
critique must be logically consistent with all other negative arguments
raised in the round."
Yea:  7, Nay: 4
Proposal 3:  "Constraints During Rebuttals" - Eliminates "or new
Yea: 6, Nay: 5
Proposal 4:  "Judging Assignment" - Adds, "If the tournament offers
multiple divisions, the same method of judge placement must be used in
each division."
Yea: 9, Nay: 2
Proposal 5:  "Judging Assignment" - Eliminates "an 'A', 'B', and 'C',"
and adds "In instances where mutual preference judging is not used."
Yea: 9,  Nay: 2   
Proposal 6:  "Debate Teams at ADA Nationals" - Adds, "Speaker points in
forfeit situations will be averaged, but the team forfeiting is
ineligible to clear to elimination rounds if speaker points are the
determining factor for their clearing."
Yea: 10, Nay: 1
Michael P. Hall
Acting Director of Debate
Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 582-2080
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