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Thu Aug 23 15:49:46 CDT 2007

Hello all.

This is Towson JM (Adam Jackson and Deverick Murray). We just wanted to let
the collegiate debate community know that we wanted to publicly show all of
our strategic options for the coming competitive season. If you saw us a
CEDA Nationals last year, then you'll be somewhat familiar with it. If not
then cop a squat and pay attention.

We (Towson JM) are going to publicly allow the debate community to see our
competitive strategy for the entire year, with weekly updates. We think that
this fosters important discussion about weird things like "topicality",
"unfairness" and (of course "predictablilty").

How are we going to do this?

So far we have set up two different web spaces as a window into our

First we've set up a YouTube Channel at:


There we'll post weekly...that's right WEEKLY...updates and videos about the
strategy we'll have over the year. This will allow the debate community to
get to know our faces, and we're we're planning to go with it during the

The second space is a Wikispace at:


This will have the same function, and we'll even post the files on the wiki
so you prep us out as much as you want.

Why are we doing this?

We want the community to be more self reflective and intellectually honest,
with less of the same ol' same' ol'. There must be a critical analysis of
the practices and procedures of what we do. The DC must appreciate its flaws
and learn how to strengthen itself. We hope to do that through our public
postings, videos, and debate rounds.

Got questions about Towson JM?

Email them all to towson.jm at gmail.com, or message us on YouTube.
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