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Tara Tate tara_l_tate
Fri Aug 24 23:48:31 CDT 2007

The National Debate Coaches Association starts its new membership cycle on October 01.  I hope you will consider becoming a member of our professional organization.  We encourage all coaches to join - we have a number of college coaches that are lifetime members of our organization.The NDCA has a lot of exciting projects going on now.  Here are some of the highlights:---Most of you have heard about our Open Access Evidence site, which features over 1000 files from 21 different institutes that are available to any interested coach or student.  ---The 2008 NDCA Championships will hold a qualifying championship tournament in policy and LD.  We are excited about our qualification system that is supportive of regional debate.  Those that have attended our tournament in the past years always return!  Our tournament will be held in East Lansing, MI in April.--NFHS topic vote - the NDCA secured a vote with the NFHS for the policy topics.  Each NDCA member receives a ballot and gets to cast their vote for the topics of their choice with the NDCA.  Those ballots will determine the NDCA vote with the NFHS.  For a pretty inexpensive annual membership, you can have your voice heard for the topic you spend your summers teaching and many weekends judging.--Teaching resources -- our website has a plethora of lesson plans, squad management forms, and activities for both new and experienced teachers.  We are also creating a "Starter Pack", which will be a set of resources for new teachers that will include a variety of institute files, lectures on the topic, and lesson plans to get a teacher started the first few weeks of school.  These can be found on our new website at http://ndca.debateteams.net.--Continuation of many of our hallmark projects -- the NDCA still continues to provide the most comprehensive judge philosophy book (over 900 pages of judge information), an annual convention for coaches and students, a quarterly newsletter, a tournament calendar, a Public Relations kit, and professional support for our members.We continue to maintain a low membership fee - $25.00 for an annual membership or $250 for a lifetime membership (we have both individual and institutional memberships).  The NDCA prides itself on being able to provide a vast amount of resources for debate coaches of all events.    We hope you will add our organziation to your list of professional organizations you support.Becoming a member is easy -- you can send a check to Nicole Serrano (made payable to the NDCA).  Please address the check/envelope to Nicole Serrano, Secretary/Treasurer, 4001 Harding Road, Nashville, TN 37205.  Please include the following information:  Name, School Name, Mailing Address, School Phone Number, School Fax Number, Email Address, and name of Principal/Head of School.  You can also pay by credit card through the AFA website at  http://www.americanforensics.org/membership/elecjoin.html.  You may also give your payment to an NDCA Board member if you happen to be at Greenhill or Wake Forest.As always, please email me with questions, concerns, or suggestions.
Tara Tate
President, National Debate Coaches Association
Director of Debate, Glenbrook South (IL)
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