[eDebate] You would think they could post a calender-reply to Neil

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Tue Aug 28 21:54:19 CDT 2007

Dear Neil, thanks for the reply. It would be nice to debate your teams--too bad
we can't find out where the tournaments are.

Please, and I mean this for anyone else who is reading this-go to the official
CEDA website--cedadebate.org.


This is no way to run an organization. Neil, I understand where you are coming
from. I really do. If people don't report, then they can't be on the calender.
But right now I do not have ANY official calender--NOT A SINGLE tournament that
I know is CEDA sanctioned to work with and I am two days from Labor day weekend.
 As an adminstrator, I find this to be ridiculous.

Now, I guess, if I am lucky and catch a post from Dave from back in July on
edebate, I may find an incomplete CEDA tournament calender--one that I cannot
even really rely on. (Not a knock on Dave at all--it in NOT HIS JOB!). And, if
I somehow through the worshipping of some Cal-Fullerton Quartz Crystals "feel"
or "intuit" my way to Professor Brushke's website, (ain't his job either) I can
glean a grand total of maybe three CEDA/NDT tournaments within my own time zone.

Either people are not doing their jobs, or the CEDA Organzation needs to put in
some new standards to prevent this bullshit. Why not--if your tournament is not
offered/presented to the Secretary of CEDA by August 15, 2007, then your
tournamnet will not be a sanctioned CEDA tournamnet for the 2007? If your
tournament is not presented to the Secretary of CEDA by Septmeber 15, 2007,
your tournament will not be a CEDA sanctioned tournament for 2008. It is a
simply kick in the ass to get people within an organization to get their shit
together so there can be a coherent list to work from.

Just today, I had to cut a personal check to the Louisiana High School Speech
league. Why? Because they had a deadline that any sanctioned high school
tournament had to meet their deadline for sanctioning in order to be a "valid"
high school tournament. I sucked it up and cut the check. Why would it be so
hard for Directors of programs to have to simply e-mail Jeff Jarman by August
15 with the following:

"Po-Dunk University will be hosting a CEDA tournament on September 15-17, 2007.
We will offer Open, JV, and Novice Divisions. Collapsing, if divisions do not


I can't believe I am saying this, but I yearn for the days when Russ Church and
Greg Simmerly were stumbling around running this organization. At least we knew
that we could reasonably set our debate tournament schedules for a whole year.

Scott Elliott

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