[eDebate] Does a CEDA Debate Calender really exist? Reply to Patrice

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Aug 29 10:47:25 CDT 2007

The mechanism for doing this "groundbreaking" idea already exists. It is on the
cedadebate.org website--under the tournament sanctioning form. It is literally
five minutes work to write down the basic information. But there are two
problems with it that can be easily solved at the CEDA business meeting, or
through a tweek by the CEDA Secretary:

1) There is no incentive to put the information in early and no consequence if
one fails to turn the information in at a relatively late date. A simple
amendment stating that the deadline for CEDA sanctioning for Fall tournamnets,
all tournaments prior to December 31, must be recieved by the Secretary on or
before August 1. The deadline for CEDA sanctioning for Spring tournamnets, all
tournamnent after December 31, is September 1.

2) Have a tournamnet be automatically inserted into a CEDA santioned calender,
available on the website, once the tournament is approved.

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