[eDebate] Vermont tournament and organizational thoughts-Reply to Tuna

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Aug 29 14:08:14 CDT 2007

I hope Tuna understands that I tend to seperate how I personally feel about
people from how I feel about the CEDA organization and decisiosn that have been
made. Please read this as--Tuna, you are more than welcome in my home any day.
Nothing personal. That being said:

You have been wrong before on a critical issue and you are wrong on this issue.

Issue One. I have in front of me the AFA tournamnet calender. I got it over a
month ago. it lists every I.E. and Parly tournamnet I could possibly hope for.
Somehow, some way, people in I.E. and Parly land are able to get their shit
together a post a comprehensive list of tournaments so administrators can plan
their year. I think this is an easy issue that is being resolved.

Issue Two. You should know by know that the merger, which you were in charge of,
was NOT and is NOT good for CEDA. Just my opinion--but there is not a SINGLE
CEDA tournamnet within 9 hours of Lafayette Lousiana. before the merger, there
were five CEDA tournaments WITHIN the state of Louisiana. membership has
dropped and will continue to drop to the point where a claender will not be
necessary--because only 20 schools will be hostying tournamnets per year.


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