[eDebate] JMU Assistant Director of Debate Informal Job Announcement

Mike Davis davismk13
Fri Aug 31 12:07:01 CDT 2007

After three years of outstanding service Andrew Barnes will be moving on to
bigger and better things at the conclusion of this academic year. Thus,
pending university approval, JMU will be looking for a new assistant
director of debate. The position requires a minimum of a masters degree and
in addition to coaching the debate program you would be responsbile for
teaching several sections of the basic course. Please let me know if you war
interested or have any questions about the job, team or area.

Both Andrew and I (as well as our 14 debaters) will be at GSU if you would
like to talk to us about the position.

Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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