[eDebate] ans Bauschard

Stefan Bauschard SBauschard
Wed Aug 1 16:23:14 CDT 2007

Greenwald is attacking the claim that O'Hanlon & Pollack's article should be given unique/more credibility because they are liberal scholars (who were opposed to the war) -- an argument again made by Dick Cheney last night.

He produced (and continues to produce) a lot of cards that claim otherwise.

He could (perhaps) refute their claims that the surge is working, but that isn't relevant to his argument.  Many people (such as Dick Cheney last night) are defending the overall claim of the article ("surge is working") by pointing to the author's anti-bias, and that is what he is going after.  

As for the Bard jab, I'm just cranky they haven't given me a puppet :)

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