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Now you're deliberately misinterpreting what I said.  You're hopeless and embarassing.

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yeah... the jibes at the Democratic Socialists got to you, did they?  sigh...  for some, ideology trumps all, including fairness, neutrality, and the rest. should i have treated him as a child, Matt?  is that your point? Lewis 8/1/07 started the discussion.  his choice.  that first post called my posts pompous, was condescending ("you have to go sit in the corner" "enlighten us on how ... complete bullshit"),  and generally aggressive.  that's fine with me, i give as good as i get.  makes for more entertaining reading, gets the blood going, etc Bach 8/5/07 inserted himself into the discussion.  his choice.  his post was condescending, mocking, and generally aggressive.  that's cool, but for you to characterize it as "nice" is disingenuous.  for you to jump to protect him treats him like a child and is far more insulting than anything i wrote. and ... well... your "argument" about the popularity of the Iraq war is less than just about anything that either Bach or Lewis claimed.  you should ask them a thing or two about how to argue... Michael Korcok 

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