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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Wed Aug 8 03:06:24 CDT 2007

This post is perfectly consistent in its extremely low quality with the earlier nonsense from Ryan Bach.  
just 1 example to indicate how unhooked Ryan Bach is in this discussion:
Bach writes:
"On IraqBodyCount, you said "They only count those who died directly because of a terrorist attackm insurgency action, or US actions, true."  NO!  They ONLY count US and coalition actions.  They DO NOT COUNT TERRORIST OR INSURGENCY ATTACKS!  That is why I said this distinction is huge.  IIRC, the Lancet study claimed to count all  deaths, which is part of why the number was so much higher.  But I'll accept that that study was bunk, so whatever.  The fact remains that IraqBodyCount specifically looks only for deaths caused by coalition action."
My response:
The above is just false:  if it isn't an outright lie, it at least shows how little Bach knows about any of this.
This is what IraqBodyCount COUNTS:  ( http://www.iraqbodycount.org/database/ )
"This is an ongoing human security project which maintains and updates the world?s only independent and comprehensive public database of media-reported civilian deaths in Iraq that have resulted from the 2003 military intervention by the USA and its allies. The count includes civilian deaths caused by coalition military action and by military or paramilitary responses to the coalition presence (e.g. insurgent and terrorist attacks). It also includes excess civilian deaths caused by criminal action resulting from the breakdown in law and order which followed the coalition invasion."
Frankly, his nonsense about IraqBodyCount is just par for the entire miserable post.
Michael Korcok
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