[eDebate] Ans: Korcok re: me

Andrew Culp acculp
Thu Aug 9 14:21:50 CDT 2007

korcok: i have little patience for your analytic pimps that have little-to-no relevance to the substance of my arguments.  i have much more important work to be doing than trying to sort through the "spread" you lay down.  consider this my last response.

this answers the one argument you've collapsed to: "youre an ideologue, i refuse to listen to you"

butler's in precarious life (p xix):

Dissent and debate depend up on the inclusion of those who maintain critical views of state policy and civic culture remaining part of a larger public discussion of the values of policies and politics.  To charge those who voice critical views with treason, terrorist-sympathizing, anti-semitism, moral relativism, postmodernism, juvenile behavior, collaboration, anachronistic Leftism, is to seek to destroy the credibility not of the views that are held, but of the persons who hold them.  It produces the climate of fear in which to voice a certain view is to risk being branded and shamed with a heinous appellation.  To continue to voice one?s views under those conditions is not easy, since one must not only discount the truth of the appellation, but brave the stigma that seizes up from the public domain.  Dissent is quelled, in part, through threatening the speaking subject with an uninhabitable identification.  Because it would be heinous to identify as treasonous, as collaborator, one fails to speak, or one speaks in throttled ways, in order to sidestep the terrorizing identification that threatens to take hold.  This strategy for quelling dissent and limiting the reach of critical debate happens not only through a series of shaming tactics which have a certain psychological terrorization as their effect, but they world as well by producing what will and will not count as a viable speaking subject and a reasonable opinion within the public domain.

butler goes on to impact this with a form of censorship (which is not particularly important to my point).

now, back to kicking the largest supplier of DU to the US military (ATK) out of my community...

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